Reiki II, First Level Attunement and Training class

Going Further with your Reiki Training Everyone’s Reiki journey is unique. Many people who have received the First Degree Attunement feel complete in their practice. It meets all their own self-development needs and brings harmony and healing into their homes and the lives of those around them. If you find yourself in this position, there is no need to progress to higher levels, or you may wait many years before feeling the time is right to go further. On the other hand, for some people Reiki may feel like ‘coming home’ and you will naturally be drawn to progress to the Second Degree of Reiki quite quickly. The Advanced Reiki Class At the second level, the student is taught techniques that will deepen their understanding and connections to Reiki Energy. Class Topics Second Degree class includes:

  • Review of First Degree principles and techniques
  • Learn the shape, name and energy signatures of the three Second Degree Symbols and how and when to use them
  • How to conduct distance/absentee sessions
  • How to conduct sessions through time: past, present or future
  • Healing situations: personal or global
  • Hands on-practice

It is recommended, but not required, that students read Diane Stein’s Essential Reiki, Reiki 2: chapters 4 and 5 prior to class. Students will receive

  • Second Degree Attunement
  • Class Manual
  • Advanced Practitioner Certificate

After Class

  • Coaching and support on personal development, healing practice and use of Second Degree Symbols

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Reiki I, First Level Attunement and Training class

The Reiki Practitioner Class At this first level, the Student is opened to the flow of Reiki. As traditional Usui Reiki Practitioners, the outer focus will be hands-on therapy at a purely physical level, both for self-treatment and for treating others. And the inner focus will be learning to “let go and let the energy flow”, learning to step-aside, to not interfere and to simply let the Reiki energy flow. First Degree class includes: A history of Traditional Reiki and our Lineage from Mikao Usui

  • How Reiki “works” and how to use it
  • How provide healing, clearing and balance to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies
  • The how’s and why’s of daily Self-treatment
  • How to conduct sessions for treating others humans and animals
  • Hands on-practice
  • After class coaching and support on healing practice and personal development

It is recommended, but not required, that students read Diane Stein’s Essential Reiki, Reiki I: chapters 1-3. Students will receive

  • First Degree Attunements
  • Class Manual
  • Practitioner Certificate

Class size is limited. Register NOW to reserve your seat! SLEW Registration Form

Reiki Really Works!

By Sue Siebens

My first Reiki experience was purely by accident. I wanted to feel better and a friend recommended this woman that does this stuff…”it was great”.  So I booked an appointment and went to her.  That one session was amazing.  I didn’t find out what she did until after the session was over and the Reiki part was really only about 20 minutes long. I was in love with the work and ended up taking it on as a new career.

Back then-10 years ago, when I offered people a Reiki session or told them was a Reiki Master, literally no one knew what that was.  So I was left to explain about a metaphysical process–passing life energy thru my hands, when received would feel really good, like a heating-pad, and that energy would help them heal. All I could tell them was anecdotal stories about experiences of my clients and my friends clients successes.  “Just try it, you’ll love it”.  It was a bit of a stretch for many people.

Starting a few years ago, there was enough Reiki-awareness, in general, that when I told people, “I’m a Reiki Master”, almost everyone has heard the word “Reiki”. They may not know what it means exactly, but they’ve heard the word. It wasn’t just a strange combo of consonants and vowels. It had some context. It made my explaining job easier, because people are more receptive to hearing about the semi-familiar.

And in the background, there have been researchers trying to prove or disprove the effectiveness of Reiki.  Does it really help healing, when measured scientifically, double-blind studies and all that stuff. Or are the anecdotes of my clients just one-off successes?

They are validating the Reiki table experience: It does feel good, it does help, it should be part of standard practices of healing. 

Articles such as this one are being published in respected journals. This article reviewed the results of a collection of clinical studies on Reiki.

Reiki Is Better Than Placebo and Has Broad Potential as a Complementary Health Therapy

Placebo? They measured getting Reiki [Reiki from a Reiki attuned practitioner] versus getting fake or sham-Reiki [an actor that mimicked the hand positions and procedures of a real Reiki session]. The sham-Reiki served as the placebo, the sugar pill, that will have a neutral effect.

What did they measure?

  1. Physiological responses to Reiki
  2. Use of Reiki as a complementary therapy for a chronic condition
  3. Use of Reiki as a treatment for a chronic condition
  4. Use of Reiki as a complementary therapy for an acute condition

I’ll let you read the article for detail information and jump to the results 🙂

What did they find?  Reiki can be effective in

  • “Activating the parasympathetic nervous system, as measured by reduced heart rate, reduced blood pressure, and increased heart rate variability”
  • “Reducing pain, anxiety, and depression, and for improving self-esteem and quality of life”

‘These effects are due to higher parasympathetic nervous system activity, mediated via the vagus nerve”.

” Reiki has the potential to provide valuable support for a broad range of chronic health conditions”

“Reiki should be regarded as a complementary therapy that can be implemented alongside all other medical and therapeutic techniques.

Further research is recommended to help optimize the application of Reiki for specific health conditions and to examine the benefits arising from provision of multiple Reiki sessions over an extended period of time.”

Lovely! Yes, this is what most of us in the Reiki community have been saying for years.

  • It’s a wonderful (and powerful) complement to any treatment or medical protocol that a person may be under.
  • There are no-contraindications–everyone can benefit from Reiki.
  • Reiki can happen anywhere, literally anywhere, home, hospital, clinic, barn, etc
  • it feels like the best massage you’ve every gotten without all the rubbing 🙂

Don’t hesitate to try Reiki and add it to your current wellness regime, especially if your challenge is tackling pain, illness or disease.

Also I’m sending out a big thanks to all those Reiki Researchers who are proving it’s validity! 🙂

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About Sue
Sue Siebens is an intuitive holistic healer based in Dallas, Texas. In her practice, she uses techniques that work at a fundamental level, where the roots of the illness, fear and pain can be accessed and resolved.  Sue teaches and blogs to broadcast and raise awareness about these new technologies, so that as many people as possible can find relief and peace in their life.