The Most Essential Comfort: REIKI

by Sue Siebens

When I try to think about life without Reiki, I fail miserably. As a Reiki Master, Reiki is woven throughout my life. I give and get Reiki on a regular basis.

I practice Reiki professionally. My clients come in for reasons ranging from physical pain or emotional turmoil to work stress or as the first step of their vacation time–to leave work behind quickly.

I get Reiki when ever I give it, but I also belong to a Reiki Share group. This small group of Reiki practitioners gives Reiki support to each other on a regular basis and alerts each other in times of special need and attention.

I’ve been practicing Reiki for so long that it’s second nature for me to send Reiki when I pass by an accident on the road, or observe someone in stress while our shopping, or notice a limp or bandaged pain on a stranger. I send it with warmest non-interfering intentions, so as not to judge, control or dissuade their chosen path, only to lift and aid.

In March of this year, when Dallas County issued it’s stay-at-home orders due to Covid-19, what I missed most was the in-person Reiki. Yes, it can and did become distance Reiki. But being in the same physical space and giving someone Reiki is a special thing. The human touch has no replacement.

Reiki itself

Natural Touch Holistic Healing | Reiki
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Promotes pain relief
  • Eases muscle tension
  • Strengthens the Immune system
  • Increases rates of recovery from injury
  • Energized and balances the whole body
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Brings peace to the mind and body

Reiki is the ultimate stress combatant!

Human touch

What are the health benefits of affective touch?
  • calms the cardiovascular stress, lowers blood pressure
  • activates the body’s vagus nerve
  • soothes pain
  • reduces cortisol (stress hormone), increases oxytocin (happiness/love hormone)
  • improves learning and decision making

How is this work not Essential!

Now it’s June 2020. No more stay-at-home, but the stress is far from lower. Peaceful protests are in the nations streets demanding much needed remodeling of how we treat each other. Even as I approve and support the changes afoot, change makes the ground excitingly unstable.

I need my REIKI to stay grounded and balanced so that I navigate all the shifts in my life with willingness and grace.

I need my REIKI to hold a compassionate supportive space for others. Some are excited about the changes to come. Some don’t want to be disappointed again. Some are frustrated because they still don’t get it.

In any case, I need my REIKI to remain the best human I can be.

Do you need Reiki too?

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About Sue
Sue Siebens is an intuitive holistic healer based in Dallas, Texas. In her practice, she uses techniques that work at a fundamental level, where the roots of the illness, fear and pain can be accessed and resolved.  Sue teaches and blogs to broadcast and raise awareness about these new technologies, so that as many people as possible can find relief and peace in their life.