New Skills to Support Your Journey

With a BS in Zoology, license in massage therapy, attunements as a Reiki Master-Teacher, and a world traveler, Sue has a unique perspective to share.  By cross-pollinating these sources, she pulls together a compassionate understanding of the world around us on physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

At Shining Light School, the classes are full of natural, holistic and healing practices that are easy to learn.  They will be useful to you whether its for your personal work or you plan to work on others.

Each class includes

  • Lectures and Discussion,
  • Class Materials and Handouts,
  • Best-Practices and Techniques,
  • Shared Experience and Insight,
  • Hands-On Practice and Exercises, and
  • a Certificate Upon Completion.

All methods can be combined with other modalities and healing systems. The few contra-indications that exist are noted and discussed in class.

Find a class that meets your present needs at Shining Light School


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