We all have scars on our skin. And some scar tissue runs below the skin, around and through muscles, organs and glands. Many are benign, not affecting the functioning of surrounding tissue.

But if the skin surrounding a scar is pulled or puckered, then you can be sure that at least the adjacent tissue is compromised in movement and function. The temporarily necessary construction of scar tissue — a thick fibrous mass — that the body used to plug the hole and allow the body to heal now has physiological consequences. This “internal cast” is a lattice of collagen fibers and adhesions that can impair proper circulation of blood, congest lymph flow and impact range of motion.

Scars are not only on the surface, visible on the skin. These lacerations or punctures can extend deep into the structures beneath them. Often the deep scars can be traced with sensitive fingertips and will feel like hard-ish cords that are dissimilar to neighboring tissue. These scars can also have problematic consequences to the physiology and movement around them.

With the rise in surgical procedures in our population, scars are increasing becoming a problem. Often left untreated, it’s probably the most neglected bodywork.

A Scar Release sessions’s goal is to manipulate the tissue enough to realign the collagen fibers with the connecting fascia and relax any involved adhesions, and at the same time to avoid damage to the delicate structures.

  • The scar MUST be completely healed before this work begins. That means at least 8 weeks after surgery. It must be fully closed and completely healed. Scars have a purpose. We must let their function run it’s full course.
  • Scar tissue is worked for between 5-15 minutes depending on the size of the scar. To do more would put too much stress on the scar itself. Very large scars are worked in sections over several sessions.
  • Scar Release sessions are conducted as a stand-alone therapy. No other body work is addressed. Scar release is a big-deal for the body. It is best to be gentle to the body as it unwinds, letting go of any trauma embedded in the scar.

Get Scar Release therapy for your accident, surgical or acne scars.

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