Reiki Enhancements for Healing

Usui Method of Natural Healing or Reiki, includes a teacher/student relationship, instruction, several levels of Reiki attunements and Reiki enhancements.

A “normal” Reiki attunement opens the individual’s healing channels. As the Reiki levels advance, the attunements strengthen the connection to Reiki energy with more clearing and opening.

Reiki enhancements use Reiki to perform the work, but to not attune the  recipient to any Level of Reiki. These enhancements are in the form of a Reiki ritual and active receiving, rather than getting a Reiki session or treatment which is more passive.

Reiki Enhancements are available to everyone, whether Reiki attuned or not. They can be received multiple times as reinforcement or when a new issue needs to be addressed.

We offer three different Reiki Enhancements. They can be done one at a time/day. They can performed alone or before your Energywork/Reiki session as a powerful addition to your treatment.


Reju means a Spiritual offering or blessing. It is the original Reiki blessing performed by Usui Mikao. This ritual was performed to help students “connect with their original nature and heal themselves”. It was performed at each meeting between Usui and his student.

When giving Reju, the Reiki Master acts as a channel and does not restrict or alter the power that flows through her to the recipient. By receiving Reju, the recipient’s own energy is increased and enhanced to the best level that they can attain at that moment in their journey. The individual draws the level and amount of energy that they need.

Reju is a wonderful blessing and connects the receiver to their own nature is a special way.

Reiki Psychic Enhancement

The Psychic Enhancement does not give you psychic powers! It does open and expand the natural psychic abilities within each person. Often we dampen or ignore our abilities for many reasons. Using sensory abilities beyond the five physical senses is not in the popular mainstream—yet… But everyone has some ability or combination of extra-sensory abilities. This enhancement will help strengthen the gift(s) from where it is currently manifesting and make it more clear and accessible.

The Psychic Enhancement does not usually instigate a thunderclap of change or uncover new abilities, although it has happened. Usually the shift will occurs gradually and have an accumulative effect on gifts that are already known. This can be a better way to get accustomed to having and using extra-sensory skills.

Reiki Healing Enhancement

The Healing Enhancement can help heal emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues. By using Reiki to sear and break blockages to healing, specific issues are addressed and cleared. Only one Healing Issue is address per enhancement. The recipient must choose ONE healing issue that they hold in their mind throughout the enhancement. The issue is kept private and is not shared with the Reiki Master giving the Healing Enhancement. If another issue needs to be healed, then another enhancement is required.

Schedule a Healing Enhancement to further your progress at an accelerated pace.