Personal Dowsing is a method of detecting information by tapping into the Super-conscious, Subconscious, Spirit Guides, or something like that. Examples of dowsing systems are pendulum, L-Rod, Bobbers and muscle testing. Muscle testing is frequently used by chiropractors, psychologists and complementary medical workers, etc.

Using pendulum dowsing, Sue will access local, long-distance and inter-dimensional information for you.  Based on your questions and her intuitive guidance, she will work through a series of Yes/No questions to divine the answers to health, love, business, spiritual and energetic concerns.

  • Prioritize and focus on what should be first steps in redirected action
  • Re-patterning your past emotional experiences to reset your future
  • Examine blockages and attachments that are hampering your efforts

With Personal Dowsing, Sue clears and balances the aura and it’s components. This can include: Chakra balancing and tuning, Re-patterning past emotional experiences to reset the future and provide guidance to help reconnect with the Higher Self, the work we are here to perform.

I only had a few questions, 
but Sue expanded on my questions and 
I got more information then I had anticipated!  
Karen M, Richardson, Tx


Physical Body
• Find the location of imbalance in physical or subtle bodies
• Balance/improve physical health condition
• Improve compatibility between body systems, organs, cells and tissue
• Balance subtle bodies & chakra system
• Clear emotional and issues related to trauma, PTSD

Metaphysical Body
• Balance and tune subtle bodies & chakra system
• Mend Aura and setup protection
• Clear emotional issues
• Direct efforts to clear attachments that may be affecting health (negative thought forms, imprints, etc.)
• Clear negative spirits & entities from land, houses, people, pets, objects
• Learn about past lives, if it will helps current issues
• Re-patterning the past to reset your future

• Check compatibility of potential partners (romantic, business, other)
• Clear emotional issues affecting relationships
• Clear environmental energies affecting relationships
• Disconnect chakra links – de-Cording
• Improve harmony among family members
• Improve harmony in neighborhood
• Improve harmony in work environment
• Raise the level of cooperation in an environment
• Verify truthfulness

This is a good one--great intuitive medium.  
She nailed me and my family, what we are dealing with 
and gave helpful insights to the situation.  
I will definitely have more sessions with Sue in the future.  
--ALICA, Long Beach, CA

• What job/career is ideal for me now, what should I be building toward?
• Remove blocks to financial prosperity and business growth
• Check the success potential of your business brand and marketing strategy
• Select best potential clients to approach
• Select best suppliers to use
• Select best dates to schedule events/interviews/other

Home/Office/Other locations
• Clear and raise vibration of energy in home/office
• Lower crime rates in your town
• Reduce air and water pollution
• Raise the level of respect in an environment
• Check or change the weather
• Locate noxious zones
• Clear /neutralize noxious earth energies in your house, water, locale
• Measure level of benefit/harm of energy fields to health & well-being
• Determine best treatment for noxious energy situations
• Find power spots (beneficial & detrimental)
• Locate/trace beneficial & detrimental spirals
• Create beneficial power spots and Increase strength and range of beneficial power spots

• Determine accuracy (of the information in a book, of a theory about something, etc.)
• Select best dates/locations to schedule events/weddings/parties/school
• Determine the likelihood of a certain outcome
• Select the right & perfect place to live (geographic location)
• Select the right & perfect house to buy or rent
• Determine most appropriate time tables (for anything)

I was unsure of how to move forward in my life.
There were many decisions to make and 
conflicting choices left me standing still.  
Sue's personal dowsing session, over the phone, 
cleared my focus and left me with a distinct path to move forward.  
She was unbiased and she helped me 
narrow my questions into clear and useful form.  
I am moving forward with confidence now.
- Robyn S, Richardson, Tx
I have never had a reading of any kind before, 
so I did not know what to expect. 
Once we got started I was pleasantly surprised 
with amount of information that Sue was able to get 
on my behalf and I received the needed confirmation
 that I'm on the right path. 
I feel truly blessed to have my very first reading with Sue
 and I am looking forward to implementing 
all the advice and guidance that was provided.
- Anonymous, Addison, Richardson, Tx