In the end, Energy Therapy is Energy Therapy.

They work to affect change from the physical body, up to the emotional and mental bodies and then to the spiritual body or in the opposite direction from the spiritual body downwards to the mental and emotional bodies to promote change in the physical body.  So they Energy Therapies have many things in common with each other, maybe just change the approach to the same issue or use different names for the same thing.

While most sites have one FAQ page, each discipline has it’s own techniques and human lineages, while some thing cross all disciplines.  On this page are things common to all and the remaining FAQ pages are brief overviews of a specific discipline: where it came from, what it can help with and what to expect from session work.

Please explore my FAQ pages…. some are still under development 😉

If you have questions, please call us!  We’re happy to explain and answer any of your questions

What is a detoxification reaction?

This is really in the spirit of full disclosure, since it doesn’t happen that frequently… but it does happen.

If a person is just starting Energy Therapy of any kind sometimes they will have a “detox reaction” following the first couple of sessions.  Some times it happens after deep session that has “hit a new layer” and a release may follow.

Energy Therapy encourages proper functioning of all body systems, including those responsible for eliminating toxins. If your body has stored unnecessary materials, you may experience one or more of these detoxification sensations for a day or so after a session:

  • Aching muscles
  • Mild nausea
  • Mild headache
  • Changes in sensation of temperature
  • Minor changes in elimination

Your body will function more effectively once the toxins have been released. During detoxification, the best way to minimize discomfort is to increase the elimination of toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. You can do this by:

  • Increasing your water intake
  • Walking 30 minutes each day in fresh air

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