Energy Therapy for Healing and Well-being

Our bodies are not only physical.  Most of our being-ness is made up of less dense material, felt but generally unseen.  Stacked in layers, the first “energy body” holds our dense physical structures and each layer in turn holds specific elements and functions.  They all operate as a whole to create this experience we know as life.  At Shining Light Energy Works, we bring high vibrational Life Energy and balance back into our structures on every level.  The natural intelligence of the energy bodies will then takeover and use that energy to heal itself.

As an Energy Worker, Sue accesses Life Energy and passes that connection on to her clients. When awakened, the healing energy treats the body, emotions, mind and spirit as a whole; all levels are affected to restore balance and vitality, relieving the effects of stress and environmental toxins.

Energy healing sessions include chakra cleansing and balancing, aura clearing and restoration, and general light therapy.

  • Reiki – Usui Reiki Healing is a powerful and nurturing technique. Reiki Energy is wise and intelligent energy knowing precisely what the body needs to relax and restore. More details on Reiki page.
  • Quantum Touch (QT) – QT is a method for accelerated healing. By placing high level energy around an area of dis-ease, one’s own biological intelligence is engaged to lead and direct the healing process. More details on Quantum Touch page

The results of energy work will continue to run on its own for the several days. A treatment feels like warm, gentle sunshine which flows through you, surrounds you, and brings you comfort. During sessions, clients are fully clothed, laying comfortably on a table or sitting in a chair.

As a Crystal Healer, Sue capitalizes on the healing qualities of naturally occurring crystals, stones and gems. Each crystal vibrates at its own frequency and can provide unique assistance in clearing away past trauma, releasing negative energy and emotions, revitalizing areas of the body, and supporting higher states of consciousness and relaxation.

  • Crystal Work – By laying stones and crystals on the energy centers, chakras and areas in need of healing, balance is restored on all levels and all dimensions for the individual, bringing about a greater sense of well-being. more details on Crystal Healing page
  • Reiki-Infused Jewelry and Crystal Grids – Customized necklaces, bracelets and earrings to enhance the body’s energy when worn.  Crystal Grids deliver your request to the Universe in a continuously vibrating form. Click here for my Etsy store: HeartLightCrystals

As a Shamanic Practitioner, Sue uses the oldest form of spirituality that exists today. Shamans in cultures separated by oceans or thousands of miles developed almost identical healing practices. Sue practices “Modern Shamanism” as developed by Micheal Harner. It is pure soul work and is not shrouded with the religious ideologies of specific peoples or tribes.  These procedures help restore power and retrieve soul pieces that are lost during shock and stress.

  • The Shamanic Journey is a step into the unconscious mind, a spirit world, to retrieve information, power, energy and wisdom for the betterment of the individual or the world in general. The result is to open doors and break down resistances to the wholeness and well-being we seek, leading to great freedom and release from suffering. A Shamanic Journey session requires more time and typically takes 90 minutes.
  • Soul Retrieval – The soul is basically a container to hold pieces of our Higher Self.  These are the un-unified (with God) parts that we have come here to work on – heal, purify and unify.  Our Soul manifests as our physical bodies and energetic bodies that “holds us” – our personal hologram.  Soul Loss occurs thru trauma or drama; events that shock us and damage our bodies (physical, energetic or both). If we continue thru life with these tears or holes in our bodies, we do so with a handicap, since our energetic basis of working on this earth is disturbed.  Thru Soul Retrieval the energetic bodies may be repaired, sometimes resulting in improved condition of the physical body.  In this renewed state, we function more wholly, better able to complete our work. A Soul Retrieval session requires more time and typically takes 90 minutes.
  • Other Shamanic procedures include Intrusion Removal and Soul Clearing which can be included in a regular Energy Work session.

Intuitive Guidance

Energywork also includes Personal Dowsing, is a method of getting answers to all sorts of question and clearing up energy(s) in the body and around us.

  • SPIRITUAL COUNSELING – Answers to your questions about your love, life and your path and messages from your Angels, Guide and Higher Self.
  • PERSONAL DOWSING – Local, long-distance and inter-dimensional information about health, love, business, spiritual and energetic concerns.
  • CLEARING AND PROTECTION – Energy, relationship and chakra balancing and tuning, re-patterning the past to reset your future and removing non-beneficial attachments, increasing compatibility to prosperity and comfort on all levels

More details on Personal Dowsing page

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