Resolving Emotions

Invoke your natural capacity to resolve difficult emotions that affect your behavior, relationships, body and peace of mind.

Every emotion presents to us as a unique set of physical sensations in our Body.

These sensations are information about what is going on around us: are we in danger?, are we safe?, are we happy?, are we in love?  We feel this in our Body.

Our Body has a natural capacity to “resolve all emotions.”

After receiving these sensations, it only takes a few seconds for our Body to metabolize the physical sensations, which neutralize the somatic and emotional response.

But when the event is too intense to be assimilated, a type of amnesia occurs that prevents emotional resolution by the body and a sensorial imprint remains in the body. Future situations that trigger the unresolved emotion often create havoc in our lives today.

You can use your natural physiological capacity for emotional resolution.

When we simply pay attention to the physical sensations present at that time and observe them change until they dissipate, the emotion is resolved.

Let Go of the Past, Remedy Current Issues, Seize a Happier Tomorrow Now

The Emotional Health Institute supports designed several protocols that allow adults, teenagers and children to invoke their natural physiological capacity

  • during an emotional event and
  • via recall in an emotional resolution session with a professional.

By re-experiencing the sensorial imprint in the body, the reactive response is neutralized and disappears.  In the future, similar events and triggers will no longer push us onto the roller coaster of fear, anxiety, pain or  somatic  and behavioral dysfunction.  There will be no emotional response once the buried emotion is resolved.

The good news is that we only have to work with the emotions as they affect us today.  We do not have to know about or understand the original event or trauma that caused the sensorial imprint. 

There is no touch, no triggering or reliving of the trauma. You don’t have to tell your story or personal details.

This revolutionary process is currently being used by more then 3,000 professional all over the world. Over 10,000 sessions each month substantiate the results of these inspired protocols.

Get Started NOW!

A Emotional Resolution (EmRes) Professional you help you will completely resolve a specific emotional situation or pattern that is affecting your life and health. 

One-on-One Sessions

For adults, teenagers, children from 10 years. One-on-One sessions can be done in person, phone or online.

Sessions using a Surrogate

For  individuals with limited verbal capabilities or are non-verbal. Surrogate sessions are done in person. 

Surrogate sessions are also available for animal friends. Horses, Dog and Cats also carry emotional blocks and trauma that affect their happiness and health in the same way as we humans.

Training for Self-Resolution (Self-EmRes)

Group instruction (2 x  1 hr classes) and private one-on-one tutoring (3 x 1hr training) is available as well.  You will learn how to resolve difficult emotions in the moment you experience them. Once resolved the emotions will not come back.

Resolve These Emotional Difficulties

Fears :Heights, darkness, water, speed, driving, taking the subway or trains, flying, being on a boat, large crowds, dogs, mice, snakes, etc, germs, blood, needles, clowns, death, going to doctor/dentist, etc

Traumas :PTSD, auto accidents, physical/sexual trauma and abuses, separation and abandonment, grief, divorce/breakups, birth complications, etc

Emotional Blocks :Unhealthy emotional patterns, performance anxieties, paranoia, procrastination, inhibitions, irritability, unhappiness, etc

Behavior Patterns :Addictions/unwanted habits of all kinds, anger/rage, violence, aggression, control and resistance, jealousy, self-doubt, avoidance and escape, OCD, stuttering, nervous ticks, eating disorders, etc

Somatic Disorders :Often the body’s immune and repair systems are blocked from doing their work by silent emotions. Examples include asthma, eczema, rashes, back/joint pain and stiffness, sciatica, arthritis, fertility, migraines, clenching teeth, TMJ, ailments of the ears, eyes and sinus, COPD, bronchitis, repeating and chronic sickness, any idiopathic disorder such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, etc.

Emotional resolution is complimentary to any and all medical treatment

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