What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy is a system of gentle touch therapy that initiates a series of healing responses throughout the nervous, musculoskeletal and fascial systems and the energetic pathways. The effect will ripple through every system in the body. Over the next five days the connective and nervous system will work together to processes the information received during the session.

It is important to respect this time of “processing” as the body works to restore its natural balances. For this reason, clients are asked to avoid other types of bodywork for a short time.  Too much information given to the body may disrupt or stop “unwinding” the body has started. You may notice changes taking place throughout your body over the next week. You can maximize this process by following the instructions below.

Before Session

  • There should be a 5-day wait between other forms of bodywork or energy work and a Bowen Therapy

Day of Session

  • Be prepared for your therapist to work on skin. Optimally, you will disrobe down to underclothes and be on a massage table covered with a sheet and light blanket. If modestly requires more coverage, please wear loose, light-weight comfortable Some clients bring a change of clothes if coming from work.  It is up to you; skin is best, but your comfort is our primary concern.
  • No heating pads or ice
  • Avoid strenuous exercise (including vigorous Yoga, Tai Chi) on the day of the session.
  • If you received treatment for low back pain or have the pelvic procedure done, do not sit for more than 45 minutes at a time without getting up and going for a short walk. This includes driving (pull over, walk around the car) or sitting at a desk. When you stand up from sitting, including arising the next morning, try to get up putting both feet on the floor at the same

During the Following Week

  • Avoid all other forms of bodywork: massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, energy work, magnets, etc. for 5-7 This includes massages performed during manicures, pedicures and haircuts.
  • Drink lots of water: 2-3 quarts per day, spaced throughout the
  • No heating pads or ice
  • Take a walk each day to help integrate the changes your body is


  • Return in about 7 days for a follow up session to stabilize the new patterns initiated by the first session and to build on the
  • Your practitioner will discuss your individual session protocol for any additional sessions (if more are needed).
  • Once your condition is resolved, you may choose to schedule occasional “tune-up” sessions for stress relief, muscle tightness, other problems,
  • A minimum of two sessions are usually required for new (acute) injuries. More sessions may be necessary for chronic issues.
  • If you have a degenerative syndrome or disorder, you may need regular sessions over a longer Work with your therapist to set up the right frequency and timing for your sessions.

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