Addressing the Physical Concerns of the Body

What do you do with those aches and pains in your body? Our bodies are constantly trying to maintain homeostasis of a healthy, flexible and vibrant body, but it is sometimes overwhelmed in it’s efforts.
Whether is comes from physical activity, injury or stress, injuries to our physical structures are a fact of life.

Bodywork can offer a great deal of assistance to the body in it’s efforts to repair and maintain itself.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy work on the connective tissue in our bodies. Using a specific tissue movements at specific places, it give instruction to the body to unwind at both location of the original injury and throughout the patterns of compensation in all directions thru the fascia.

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Scar Release

Scars may seem like a superficial thing, being on the skin, and benign, since they have healed. But while scar served their purpose as a healing bandage, they are now, by their very nature are tough, thick, somewhat inflexible. Scar tissue can interfere with the normal stretching and sliding abilities of the connective tissues around them, effecting posture, flexibility, lymph and blood flow. Using a simple technique, the collagen fibers of the scar can be realigned and functionality of the area restored.

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Massage is the oldest from of body healing. When a knee or elbow gets banged, the first thing we do is put our hands on it and rub. A gentle massage is also a great way to relax, soothing bodywork also soothes the mind.

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