Shining Light Sessions are an Investment in the Quality of Your Life. 

In our experience, our mind and body is not made up of a group of separate systems.  We are, in fact, an interlaced aggregate of building blocks and layers of feedback for action and correction. It is not possible to affect dysfunction at one level without touching all other fragments in a web of influence.

There are so many techniques and therapies out there. Where do we start? If we start on the physical, how do we capture the emotional impact or the mental prospects. If we start on the spiritual level, how do we find relief for the physical pain?  In some cases, it doesn’t matter where you start, just start and be guided to the next step.   In other cases, it’s better to search around for something that addresses several levels at the same time.

Our work addresses issues in the multiple physical and energy systems in each session. We use natural solutions that release dysfunction allowing healing and balancing of our aggregate human form.  These techniques permanently discharge the disturbing pattern(s) that is locked in the body.

We work in the following areas

  • Emotion Work
    Emotional Resolution sessions use talk – not touch.  Unresolved emotions affect our attitude, behavior, and our ability to heal from physical injury or crisis. Read more on the Emotional Resolution page.
  • Body Work
    Bowen therapy addresses fascia.  Fascia is the connective tissue that hold our bodies together, holds unresolved emotions and connects to our energetic body for information on form and function.  Read more on the Bowen Therapy page.
  • Energy Work
    Reiki and other metaphysical techniques engage the bio-energy of the auric bodies and their chakras. Strengthening and balancing the energy field results in a healing ripple though the rest of the body levels-physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Read more on the  EnergyWork page.

When one level is affected, all levels respond by releasing the old tensions and dispositions.  After the session is complete, the work continues to happen over the course of the next five days.  Typically the second and third day are the biggest “adjustment” days, then it settles down.

It’s a wonderfully natural and holistic way to heal what is causing your dis-ease.

Look through our services and find what might work best for you.

…and if you are still unsure, schedule a “I don’t know” session and we’ll figure it out together, when you come in for your session.

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