A pendulum is a tool and by its self has no particular abilities. It does enable access to the intuitive side of the brain without a lot of interference from the rational side of the brain. And it amplifies the message.

“Dowsing is one of the many names used for apparently tapping into your Superconscious, Subconscious, Spirit Guides or something like that. This is accompanied with some method for detecting this information. This could be a gut feeling, a twitch of a muscle, or some type of controlled external device. Every culture in the world, clear back to cave drawings, has had some type of dowsing. Dowsing is often used to find life-giving water.” –Walt Woods, Letter to Robin

Anyone can learn to dowse. A pendulum or rods or sets of fingers or the whole body can be used as indicators. The spectrum of information that can be tapped is limitless, requiring only some skill in how to ask and frame the questions.


This course explores techniques that have been with us thru the ages. By working with the energy of thought, dowsers can divine the internal and external influences and conditions, then get assistance to clear any issues.

Dowsing Class includes:

  • What is Dowsing and its history
  • Dowsing tools
  • Dowsing charts
  • Programming your pendulum
    • What does “programming” mean
    • Creating and installing programs
  • Field Dowsing
  • Map Dowsing
  • Information Dowsing
  • Dowsing on the body
  • Hands on-practice

Students will receive

  • Class Manual
  • Certificate of Completion

Dowsing Class Schedule

Class NameClass DateClass TimeClass Fee
Natural Crystals and StonesSat, Aug 14, 20219am-3pm$150