Natural Crystals and Stones: Vibrations from the Mineral Kingdom

The energies from the mineral kingdom are Universal Energies, the stuff from which the entire universe is comprised. This is why crystals and other minerals are so very powerful; they are primeval in their pureness and purpose. Each mineralogical structure contains its own unique subset of universal energy properties. When we connect and communicate with them, through right intention, those properties are activated in us.

“Crystals and gemstones bring light and positive energy into any environment and will affect your energy in a healing way even just in passing even if you are not consciously working with them or even believe in their powers.”  — Adrienne Goff, Crystal Healing for the Whole Being

It is through free-will that we accept this assistance and direct the actions. As we travel the path of our own healing, the mineral kingdom can be a catalyst and offer great support.

Natural Crystals and Stones

This class explores the metaphysical properties and uses of naturally occurring crystals and stones. Students will be learn about their structure, how to activate their support and how to care for them.

Natural Crystals and Stones Class includes:

  • The Mineral Kingdom
    –Mineral classes
    –Physical structure and geometry
    –Color and light
  • Communicating with mineral entities
    –Programming quartz crystals
    –Crystal meditation
  • Common uses
    –Manifestation helpers
    –Protection and shielding properties
    –Healing layouts and grids
  • Top Crystals and Stone to have on hand
  • Acquiring, cleaning and charging
  • Hands on-practice

Students will receive

  • Class Manual
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Several healing crystals to use in class and take home

Natural Crystals and Stones class schedule

Class NameClass DateClass TimeClass Fee
Natural Crystals and StonesSat, Aug 14, 20219am-3pm$150