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We offer classes to learn more about ourselves and how we can be more effective on our life path to happiness and compassion for everyone.

Our full class descriptions are on the class’s detail page along with the schedule and registration information.

Below is a super brief summary of the class and the upcoming schedule.

Our classes are fun and interactive to make learning easy and inviting.

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Emotional Resolution Class Schedule

Emotional Resolution (EmRes) protocols successfully breaks the connection between the subconscious, the embedded emotion and the triggering situation the causes the emotion to erupt. Using a precise process, Self- Emotional Resolution works in the moment, when experiencing the emotion in-flight. The emotional difficulty’s physical aspects are engaged and resolved, simultaneously dismantling the linking trigger. Truly amazing! More Emotional Resolution class info

Class NameClass Date/TimeClass Fee/Location/Registration
Detox and Balance Your Stressful Emotionsclass coming when "in-person" is allowed againRSVP Required - call Prana Haven at (972) 310-3480
Registration at the door --$30 fee

Prana Haven
107 South McKinney Street, Richardson, TX 75081

EmRes Professional Training Module 1
Learn to Release Your Clients' Emotional Difficulties
check schedules on https://www.emotionalhealthinstitute.org/trainings-for-professionalsMore Information at

Texas Location: Irving/LasColinas area
Registration: https://www.alignwithenergy.com/emres-course-registration.html

Usui Reiki Class Schedule

Usui Reiki is used world-wide for self-healing and working on others. Popular for spiritual connection, energy body and chakra alignment and clearing, Usui Reiki practitioners learn to channel energy thru their bodies and out their hands to create a high-vibrational field of stillness and serenity that compliments all other modalities. More Usui Reiki class info

Class NameClass DateClass TimeClass Fee
Reiki Iclass coming when "in-person" is allowed again9am to 5pm$150
Reiki IIclass coming when "in-person" is allowed again9am to 5pm$225
Reiki IIIby invitation only, Reiki II at Shining Light Energy Works is required$350

Bowen Technique Class Schedule

Bowen Therapy is a system myofacscial (connective tissue) “moves” on and thru the skin that is gentle and restorative. This introduction class teaches fundamentals and 5 procedures (sets of moves) that can used right away on friends and family to provide “emergency” relief for minor twists and sprains. More Bowen Therapy class info

Class NameClass DateClass TimeClass Fee
Introduction to Wellness in Your Handstdb
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Email: ContactUs@ShiningLightEnergyWorks.com
1pm to 9pm$95

Dowsing & Natural Crystals and Stones Class Schedule

Dowsing is an ancient technique to gain knowledge and insight about internal and external physical and spiritual conditions and influences. Easy to learn, pendulum and Y-rod dowsing along with how to program and use these tools are included. Learn more about Dowsing class

Natural Crystals and Stones examines the energetic expression and healing aid that can be access from the vibrations found in common rocks and stones. Learn more about Crystal class

Class NameClass DateClass TimeClass Fee
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1pm to 5pm$100
Natural Crystals and Stonestdb
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Email: ContactUs@ShiningLightEnergyWorks.com
1pm to 6pm$125