Our body-mind-spirit systems are incredibly intelligent.  If left to it’s own devises, we’d be happily living in a healthy pain-free body. But for the most part, that is not what is happening for us.

Shining Light Energy Works uses a unique matrix of techniques to balance all systems that impact our life and experience here.  Our sessions aim to resolve as many issues on as many levels as possible.

  • Emotion Work
    Emotional Resolution sessions focus on emotional difficulties. These sessions invoke your natural capacity to permanently regulate emotional difficulties that affect your behavior, relationships, body and peace of mind. Also keep in mind that almost every physical and mental difficulty has an emotional component keeping it in place.
  • Body Work
    Bowen Technique sessions focus on the physical-myofascial interface to the fluid and piso-electric systems of the body.  The fascial network in our bodies connect ALL other systems together. This “critical linker” can be restored and every other system rebounds.
    Scar Release sessions release the bio-mechanical restrictions of scars unintentionally (accidents) or intentionally (surgical). The effect of these scars on our body’s movement and function cannot be underestimated.
  • Energy Work
    Reiki, Quantum Touch, Crystals and Aromatherapy sessions focus on the bio-energy of the auric bodies and their chakras. From the “focus level”, the results will ripple though the rest of the body levels-physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Intuitive and dowsing sessions focus on the subtle energy of sub-conscious and super-conscious bodies.

Separately or in combination, these techniques will improve the quality of your behavior, relationships, body and peace of mind.  Details of each technique has it’s own page under the Services menu.

Shining Light Sessions are an Investment in the Quality of Your Life.  
Once your systems’ blocks and issues are resolved, the body will heal itself, restore balance and vitality.

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In The Clinic

Our nurturing space for healing

We work with all kinds of people from all walks of life, from infants to adolescents and adults to end-of-life travelers. There are no contra-indications for any of the work we do.

When working with minors, we firmly enforce our policy that a parent or guardian must be present at all times that a child is in the office. Even if a minor is old enough to drive, we will not treat them if their parent or guardian is not present in the office the entire duration of the treatment.
Also, children under 7 years cannot receive Emotional Regulation session.  They just don’t have the language or body understanding for it to effectively work.
Our Location

Our clinic is positioned to serve the North Dallas – Addison – Richardson, Texas area. The Shining Light Energy Works clinic is at 12880 Hillcrest Rd, Dallas, Tx 75230. The clinic is on the first floor and very accessible. Helpful directions are sent with your appointment confirmation.

Your Location

or we can come to you! We travel to homes and medical facilities.  We charge for a double-session to cover travel and time costs.  If over 10 miles, we charge $2/mile.

On the Phone

We can connect by phone.  Particularly Emotional Resolution sessions, where there is no touch, the phone can work just as well as in person.  At your appointment time, you would call in to start your session.  Make sure you will be seated, undisturbed, hands-free during the call.

Long Distance Sessions

Distance and time do not have to be factors in healing. For Bowenwork and Energywork, distance session can achieve amazing results. The sent to you real-time or packaged for delivery at a convenient time for you, like at night when you’re sleeping. It’s best for the receiver to be at rest, either sitting or laying in a still, relaxed position, for the duration of the session or at night when asleep. We have found that sleep time at night provides the least schedule complications and disruptions.

If the session is for another person, their full name (with maiden name), location and birthday is recommended for an accurate connection. It is important to get permission for the work from the receiver either verbally or through their higher spiritual self.

We do quite a bit of distance work and our clients are delighted with the results.

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Schedule a Session

It turns out that self-care is the greatest act of love we can conjure. It is so much easier to take care of others, tell them what to do and judge their progress. But it’s our primary job to take care of ourselves: our emotions, our bodies, our mental and spiritual connections.  So don’t just think about it forever, do it. Commit and follow thru on this work.  Then, if you are called to it, you have the strength and knowledge to help others through the same trials you have conquered.

We do all our scheduling online.

A list of sessions and their prices are displayed.  When your choice is selected, a calendar of the next available appointment times will be shown.  This way you can look at your calendar and ours at the same time–makes things easier.

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