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Pains in the body–what do they mean?

Why do we have pain and weakness in one part of the body and not another? ┬áWhen you fall or trip, is it always on that one side? do you always seem to land on that one knee? tweak that same ankle? ┬áOR when working with your hands and arms, does that one elbow see… Continue Reading

Reiki to support cancer treatment

Just as a follow up to my last post about Reiki in hospitals. Reiki sessions are becoming an essential part of cancer treatment. ┬áIt helps relaxation, anxiety and worry which improves mood, sleep, reduces pain, isolation and loneliness. ┬áReiki re-establishes and re-enforces the clients connection to their Higher Self — a spiritual, not religious effect… Continue Reading

Reiki in Hospitals

Reiki can be a wonderful addition to any hospital/medical facility visit or stay: before, during or after. Whether for simple procedures, complicated surgeries or facing long-term, multi-session treatments, people that are undergoing any medical procedure are under stress┬áand┬ánervous about the what is happening to them and generally experience some tissue trauma as a consequence of… Continue Reading

Calming Restless Legs

You’re laying in bed, just about to drop into sleep, and there’s the itch or twitch that startles you back from slumber. ┬áor the knee jerks that make you feel like a puppet with someone else pulling the strings. Some legs get wild enough to force sleeping in a bed separate from their years-long partner.… Continue Reading

What is Reiki doing?

At this point most people have heard about Reiki, even if they don’t have a clue what it is, what it does or how it feels. ┬áMost of the stuff you find “out there” is anecdotal and elusively described. ┬áI ran across this description which is pretty concise, if a little understated–meaning the depth of… Continue Reading

Scientific Studies on Reiki

While most recommendations for Reiki are based on anecdotal stories about how it felt good or eased pain this pain or helped relaxation and stress release, there are more and more actual scientific studies being done. ┬áIt’s been shown that added Reiki therapy can improve outcomes of conventional therapy, including there reduction of pain and… Continue Reading

Renew your Reiki Practice

I use Reiki all the time, in my business with clients, in charity work service, in public and private Reiki shares. ┬áI get Reiki from these sources, but sometimes I forget to nurture my personal practice– the self-Reiki that is truly at the heart of Mikao Usui’s intention. I frequently meet people who’ve been Reiki… Continue Reading

There’s more to Smudging than meets the nose!

I’ve been Smudging for years….my house–inside and out, my property–along perimeter, my office rooms, clients on table, the healing room after big releases, periodically when I just feel like it needs it. ┬áI buy it by the pound ­čÖé I always feel that it helps lift “something” out of the space, leaving the room clearer… Continue Reading