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Renew your Reiki Practice

I use Reiki all the time, in my business with clients, in charity work service, in public and private Reiki shares.  I get Reiki from these keep-calm-practice-reikisources, but sometimes I forget to nurture my personal practice– the self-Reiki that is truly at the heart of Mikao Usui’s intention.

I frequently meet people who’ve been Reiki attuned, but they don’t practice.  And since it’s been years since they even seriously thought about trying, they are under the impression that they have to start over, get attuned or trained again.

It’s just not true!

The Reiki atunement never “goes away”.  The healing channels are open–they stay open. They just go into a sort of suspended animation when not cultivated by active practice.

This article has great ideas about how to insert a little Reiki into your life everyday. Renew Your Reiki Practice

Start today.  Add a reminder on your phone or calendar.  Find a share to join.

DO IT!  You won’t regret it 🙂

More on Clearing your space

When you are looking to clear your space, Smudging is just one of the techniques that you should thing about. “Your space” is made up of more than just the “bad energy” and any possible entities lurking in the corners. Your environment has many components.  Is it cluttered? Are electronics plugged in creating micro-fields of… Continue Reading

Body Pain and Emotions

So related to the last post on Bowen and Mental Health.  this article show exactly how/where our emotions effect our bodies, causing pain and discomfort. Body Pain and Emotional States Seems like I’m always writing about Bowen.  But Energy work (Reiki, Quantum Touch, Chrystal and Sound healing) can help with all of these issues and can… Continue Reading

Bowen and Mental Health

Do Bowen sessions help with mental health issues? I have to say: YES! it is a wonderful compliment and enhancement to any therapeutic work done for mental health.  Emotional and Mental issues have an effect on the body by tensing muscles, knotting up fascia, binding the visceral organs, interrupting normal hormone flow and disturbing lymphatic… Continue Reading

Making the connection between chronic pain and muscle tension with Bowen Therapy

I found this nice short article that talks about using Bowen Therapy to make the connection between the muscle tone (tense/relaxed) sensors (golgi bodies) and the signals that are sent to them via the nervous system. Most often chronic pain is due to muscles that are too continuously too tense.  These tense muscles pull the their… Continue Reading

Wolves need Energy Work too!

Giving healing energy to animals is a wonderful thing.  They don’t have inhibitions or preconceived ideas about what it is or isn’t.  They sense it, make decisions about whether it is good or right for them and how long they will need it. They soak it up much quicker than adult humans will, due to… Continue Reading

Bowen Therapy is fantastic for Fibromyalgia!!!

Along with many other chronic disorders, individuals with fibromyalgia can get a great deal of symptom relief using Bowen Therapy.  Keeping the muscles and fascia as relaxed and flexible as possible is key! Here is a great article on Fibromyalgia     Fibromyalgia-A life long disorder       Continue Reading

Fascia Magnified–the target of Bowen Technique

Thanks to a friend, I found this wonderful Youtube on fascia Fascia Magnified 25x It shows in wonderful detail how fascia is structured, how it interacts with itself and other tissues, how it holds and conducts fluid, how it holds and conducts light and energy–faster than nerves.  Amazing stuff-fascia! And this is what Bowen Technique… Continue Reading

Harvard study shows that mechanical stimulation shown to repair muscles

  Results from a Harvard study: Muscle regeneration through mechanical stimulation may one day replace or enhance drug- and cell-based regenerative treatments, Harvard bioengineer David Mooney, the study’s senior author. “The results of our new study demonstrate how direct physical and mechanical intervention can impact biological processes and can potentially be exploited to improve clinical… Continue Reading