Energy Work for Healing and Well-being

TreeOnHillOur body-mind-spirit system are incredibly intelligent.  If left to it’s own devises we’d be happily in a healthy pain-free body. But for the most part, that is not what is happening for us.

Shining Light Energy Works uses a unique matrix of techniques to balance all systems that impact our life and experience here.  Our sessions aim to resolve as many issues on as many levels as possible.

  • Emotional Regulation using TiPi sessions focus on emotional difficulties. These sessions invoke your natural capacity to permanently regulate emotional difficulties that affect your behavior, relationships, body and peace of mind
  • Bowen Technique sessions focus on the physical-myofascial interface to the fluid and piso-electric systems of the body.  Intuitive and dowsing sessions focus on the subtle energy of sub-conscious and super-conscious bodies.
  • Reiki and Energy work sessions focus on the bio-energy of the auric bodies and their chakras. From the “focus level”, the results will ripple though the rest of the body levels-physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Separately or in combination, these techniques will improve the quality of your behavior, relationships, body and peace of mind.

Shining Light Sessions are an Investment in the Quality of Your Life.


Once your systems’ blocks and issues are resolved, the body will heal itself, restore balance and vitality. Explore the Shining Light Energy Works website and discover all the resources that are available to you for healing, transformation and wellness.

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