Energy Work for Healing and Well-being

TreeOnHillAll forms of healing whether traditional, complementary or alternative have an impact on the human subtle energy system. Our physical body is alive because of the Life Energy that is flowing through it.

Shining Light Energy Works brings Life Energy back into the body. The natural intelligence of the body can then takeover and use that energy to heal itself.

Our sessions address issues in multiple physical and energy systems each session.

  • TiPi sessions focus on emotional difficulties, regulating the physical sensations and removing the suffering permenantly
  • Bowen sessions focus on the physical-myofascial interface to the fluid and piso-electric systems of the body.  Intuitive and dowsing sessions focus on the subtle energy of sub-conscious and super-conscious bodies.
  • Reiki and Energy work sessions focus on the bio-energy of the auric bodies and their chakras. From the “focus level”, the results will ripple though the rest of the body levels-physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Shining Light Sessions are an Investment in the Quality of Your Life.


Life Energy uses the body to heal itself, restore balance and vitality. Explore the Shining Light Energy Works website and discover all the resources that are available to you for healing, transformation and wellness.

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